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Tesla Able to Increase Delivery Figures to a Record High

Tesla was able to increase its delivery rate by 50% in comparison with the previous year. A total of 25,000 cars were delivered. Thus, the company failed to reach the delivery goal of 50,000 that it had set itself. In spite of that, however, shareholders responded positively. Elon Musk announced that he intended to increase sales figures 10-fold.

The production of Model 3 is scheduled for mid-2018. The mid-sized limousine is expected to be significantly below the costs for other electric cars. This is to provide the breakthrough for electric mobility. Elon Musk would like to expand production as quickly as possible and skips over the pre-production phase in order to bring Model 3 into serial production as quickly as possible. If there were to be quality defects and recalls, as was the case for predecessor models, this would cause inestimable costs. So far, there are preorders for the new model in the amount of US$ 13 billion. Should the Model 3 be a success, Tesla would be further expanding its dominating position on the electric mobility market.


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